BIOINKS are a mixture of living cells and biomaterials. Usually, the living cells are grown in a cell culture incubator separately, while the special biomaterial formulations (called hydrogels) are mixed with the cells afterwards, often just prior to the bioprinting process, and serve as a scaffold. Thus, the mixtures of cells and the hydrogels form the BIOINKS, to which bioactive molecules, such as growth factors, can also be added. These molecules play various roles, most importantly including the support and guidance of the cell functions into desired pathways. The hydrogels, due to their high water content and the structure of the comprising molecules, are rather jelly-like substances. They can be easily placed into a syringe-based extruder and be extruded from its nozzle. 

FOLDINK has developed different formulations of BIOINKS, that can be customised according to different specific purposes. We offer collagen, alginate and gelatin based BIOINKS.  We also offer the cross-linking agents, whenever applicable. Our bio-inks are specifically designed to be maximally adapted to the use in Foldink 3D Bioprinter, however, can be used in other bioprinters as well (if their use is in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines). Also FOLDINK offers BIOINKS containing primary, immortalized and/or stem cell lines, mixed with biomaterials such as collagen, alginate, gelatin and many others.